Geca Construction LTD is all about design and build. We design, build and deliver excellence within all our projects and strive to maintain the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Our work is about delivering a project that not only reflects your brief and budget. Our team is highly experienced, fully insured, highly qualified in their field. In short, they are the best at what they do. So no matter how demanding or innovative the project may be, we possess the capability to deliver an outstanding result. We are Polish Builders from London very hard working and trustworthy so if You need just small home refurbishment in London such as bathroom, kitchen or full property refurbishment London do not hesitate and give us a call on : 078 9482 3524.  When it comes to loft conversions, house extensions or property refurbishment London its easier to deal with experts like Geca Construction.


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Geca Construction LTD is an answer for all your building needs, from advice on design and planning permisions through building control inspections, all required warranties and certificates to the final touch. We are here to deal with everything giving you a peace of mind and making sure it is simple and stress free experience.We can promise you top quality work within time and budget, expert team that will bring your ideas to life and leave your house clean after all work is done.
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Refurbishment London

Home refurbishment London is the major maintenance or minor repair of an item within your home. It could be aesthetically or mechanically. From the antique furniture, down to family heirlooms and major renovations like paint or additional annexes, home refurbishments london consists careful planning as well as hard work.

Home refurbishment London consists major expense for the homeowners. When you have bought a home, your next major task is the regular upkeep and maintenance. Most of the time, minor repairs could be done at the individual level without having too much of a cost being incurred. However, every once in a while, refurbishment London is important to keep up the value of your home on the rise. So, if you’re looking for London refurbishment companies, the one that can make all of your imaginations and expectations come to life, here are some of the tips for you:

1. First impressions always count- right after sourcing about two to three builders, preferably recommended by satisfied clients, the initial conversation will surely determine whether you could communicate effectively with them for the project’s duration. You need to know if they are as enthusiastic as you and if they can surely suggest new ideas for you.
2. Ask for the previous work- if you want a nice kitchen or bathroom refurbishment, you should look for the similar examples that they have done in order to see their work quality. The website of the builder must provide you evidences as well as reassurance.
3. Compare the prices- when you’re comparing the prices from different builders, make sure that you compare everything. The best way on how you can do this is by giving out detailed plans, so every person is dealing with the same information and get quotes accordingly. The cheapest is not always the best.
4. Check the Accreditation- make sure that the builders are accredited to the relevant governing bodies in London. Public Liability is always important. You need to check that such insurance extends to the subcontractors. Moreover, you need to know if the work is guaranteed for a fixed period and backed by insurance.
5. Recommendations- whenever you need huge property refurbishments London, make sure that the builder can easily recommend an architect to help you draw up the plans. However, a contract is needed in this instance. You need to check if it’s necessary for you to move out of the home for longer periods of time. The only thing is that, this will be included in the entire cost of the service.

Home refurbishment could be very exciting and somewhat daunting. If you make all of the right research and checks, then you could surely find a reputable house refurbishment company in London. Although it comes with a cost, your property will surely benefit from this activity. So, if you love your home, it’s the perfect time for you to provide the best property refurbishment service that it needs. To give you further assistance, the GECA Construction LTD is the best property refurbishment specialist in London that you need.