Geca Construction Limited

It gives me a considerable pleasure to write about this firm’s work for us in our period flat in Kensington. The refurbishment involved the dining–kitchen as well as one of the bedrooms with its en-suite bathroom.

It was a challenging undertaking in that, in the kitchen, the existing good wooden units were to remain and to be sympathetically complemented by a new, painted ones. The walls, ceilings and floors in all the rooms needed to be straightened and evened out, sometimes partially rebuilt, to create such a healthy, solid and strong framework, as the old buildings often are in a need of. In the bedroom, as well as all the decorative work we wanted a complementing wooden surround to be built into the set of existing, build-in wardrobes for a large Smart TV, with its multitude of attachments and wiring.

We did appreciate that doing a substantial new work whilst preserving and sympathetically matching the already existing quality features is much more challenging than doing an altogether new work and so we were both impressed and absolutely delighted by the outcome, which complemented all the rooms in a well blended manner, whilst adding a new aesthetic interest, as well as a functional convenience.
It was only the bathroom that needed to be re-done in its entirety, including its wet room. The electrical installation needed to be rewired there, as well as in the kitchen and the same applied to the plumbing system.

We have been totally satisfied with the standard and the appearance of finished work. It is expected that the Polish plumbers deliver the highest quality work, as indeed they did – but we could also see an equally excellent expertise and a diligent application in case of the electric installations, beautiful tiling, masterful carpentry, plastering and the minor structural works, painting, under floor heating and so on. The required multitasking and coordination of the project was assured, attentive and directed with much consideration for the projected timing, noise control and the convenience of us as well as the residents of the neighbouring apartments. Our special appreciation in this goes to the director of the company, Mr Maciek Kobylinski.

A special mention and appreciation is required for all the other craftsmen/technicians he employs, not only for they skill and diligence but also their helpfulness, politeness and trustworthiness. We were particularly glad about their neatness, cleanliness and care practiced in the flat as well as the building’s communal areas. We certainly would be happy to use the firm again – indeed, we just presented Mr Kobylinski with a further project for his consideration, that of a refurbishment of the guest quarter of the apartment.

We would be very happy to recommend the Geca Construction Ltd to other interested parties.
J.K.Pasterski (Dr)
L.A.Pasterska (Dr)

Anne and David Furst

Dear Maciej –

 We are very happy to provide a reference to put on your website.

I suggest Geca are a pleasure to have working on our properties. They are reliable, excellent craftsmen and good value for money. They tidy and clean up each evening. Nothing is too much trouble. We highly recommend them.

— Anne and David Furst